Suros Vacuum Biopsy

Vacuum biopsy is modern biopsy technique which uses a singular needle insertion to remove tissue samples from the region of interest. This method of biopsy can be used for both diagnosis and also treatment as it is capable of removing some benign tumours. The London Breast Centre is fortunate to offer the first of its kind in Europe - a Hologic ‘Lateral Arm’ biopsy approach. This enables the most difficult of lesions to be sampled anywhere in the breast with ease.

What to expect?

In most cases this procedure is done under x-ray guidance but it can also be done using ultrasound (see core needle biopsy). The Consultant Breast Radiologist will determine the best method of biopsy on the day. You will be positioned on a chair either sitting upright or lying down, depending on which area of the breast is to be biopsied. The breast will then be placed onto the mammography machine and compressed. This ensures no movement during the procedure. Once an initial mammogram has been performed and the lesion is targeted, local anaesthetic is used to numb the area before the needle is placed into the breast.

Mammograms are performed thought out the procedure to check positioning accuracy. Once the tissue is obtained, the sample is then x-rayed to ensure sufficiency of sample. Following the procedure, it is necessary to compress the biopsy site to minimise any bruising though many patients will develop a bruise over the next 24-48 hours. The wound is then dressed and you will be asked to stay in the department for an hour post procedure to check the wound site before departure. Due the nature of this type of biopsy, the samples cannot be rapidly analysed within a clinic setting. They are sent to the lab for analysis and a pathology report will be sent on to your referring doctor within approximately 72 hours.