Visiting The London Breast Centre

Common Questions and Answers

We have put together the following questions and answers as a guide - but it is just a guide so if you do have any questions regarding the One-Stop clinic, or any other service provided at London Bridge Hospital, please ask.

I have been referred to the One-stop clinic at London Bridge Hospital by my GP - does this mean I have a serious problem?

Your GP has referred you to the clinic so that a specialist can further investigate your breast concern.

Any different or unusual change in the breast should always be investigated, because even though most breast lumps are benign (non-cancerous), they still need to be checked carefully to rule out the possibility of cancer. Also, if there is a problem, the earlier the treatment is given, the more likely it is to be successful.

How quickly can I be seen at the London Breast Clinic?

The One-stop breast clinic is held from Monday to Friday morning and evening. However, same day appointments are often possible and clinics are held at other times during the week. Call our appointments line for further advice and clinic times. Their number is 020 7815 3686 or 020 7815 3657.

What breast examination tests will I undergo?

The consultant will assess you first and discuss with you the tests he/she recommends. The common tests for breast problems are Mammography, Ultrasound scan or, occasionally, fine needle cytology.
Click here for further information on the tests.

If I have to have a biopsy at the London Breast clinic, does this hurt?

Some patients do find this test uncomfortable, or a little painful, and your consultant will try to ensure you are comfortable as possible and it only takes a few minutes to perform the test.

I have a breast lump, what are the chances of it being cancer?

Seven out of eight breast lumps are benign and are not cancers. Common causes of benign breast lumps are cysts (sacs of fluid which build up in the breast tissue) or fibroadenomas (solid tumours made up of fibrous and glandular tissue). Benign breast lumps are easily treated by your consultant.

When will I get any results of my test at the London Breast Clinic?

The One-Stop Clinic results are normally available during your appointment and they will be explained to you. In the general breast clinics the results may take a day or two - your consultant will be able to advise you when to expect results.

Who will I see?

The team providing One-Stop service is experts in the field of breast care. The consultants are drawn from the leading breast cancer unit at Guy’s Hospital. We’ve kept the team small so you will be assured of seeing a named consultant.

What will you tell my GP?

A letter setting your breast problem and the results of your consultation will sent to your GP within a few days of your appointment. This will also include the results of any tests. You will be informed of the results of your tests either before or at the same time as your GP.

I am shy and embarrassed about this problem and feel anxious about the appointment.

We understand how anxious and embarrassed some women feel about these problems and our fully trained staff are there to make you feel as comfortable as possible. We encourage any patient who is concerned about coming into hospital - whether it’s for an outpatient appointment or inpatient say - to discuss their fears with one of the nursing team or their consultant.

What happens next?

Most breast problems can be dealt with completely at the One-Stop clinic, no further appointments or tests are required. The final results from a core needle biopsy however take 4-5 days to come through and it will be necessary to come the clinic on a second occasion to discuss these results.

In general breast clinics it is often necessary to attend for a 2nd or 3rd occasion for tests and for a final check, although we do try and keep these visits to a minimum. Some of the results are easily explained over the phone if you feel you would prefer this.

Some breast problems require surgery and investigations or treatment. Operations can usually be scheduled within 7-10 days of your visit to clinic and will be carried out as either an inpatient or in the day surgery unit at London Bridge Hospital.

How do I get further information on the London Breast Clinic?

Information about breast care is provided on this site. Alternatively, you can contact GP Liaison on 020 7234 2009 for further information.

How do I make an appointment?

Contact GP Liaison on 020 7234 2009 Monday and Friday between 8.30am and 6.00pm. Please note: you will need a referral from your GP.

Where can I go for information on London Bridge Hospital?

The Marketing Department will be happy to receive any enquiries about the Hospital, its specialties and other services provided. Send any enquiry emails through to, alternatively, why not take a look at the website

For further information and appointments please contact us on:
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