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A fibroadenoma is the most common cause for a lump in young women, 15 years of age and onwards. In contrast to a cyst a fibroadenoma is a solid lump.

Fibroadenomas are entirely painless, and once again they probably arise due to hormonal changes in the breast. As a consequence, the lump may arise in an area of the breast where there is already more generalised hormonal breast pain and tenderness giving the false impression that the lump is causing the pain.

Fibroadenomas tend to grow usually between 1-3 centimenters. Occasionally some can to 5 centimeters or larger. Most firoadenomas stay the same size but some can dissappear, get smaller or grow larger, this is more common in teenage girls.

Since they are solid lumps fibroadenomas generally do not disappear, although during pregnancy they may undergo noticeable changes resulting in either their disappearance or their progressive enlargement.

Fibroadenomas are entirely harmless and never turn into breast cancer. All fibroadenomas should however be carefully checked to prove their identity conclusively. Some fibroadenomas can feel very similar to small breast cancerous lumps, and although this is uncommon it is the reason why careful investigations, usually including an ultrasound and needle biopsy are very important.

Once a lump has been shown to be definitely a fibroadenoma it is safe to leave. Alternatively a fibroadenoma can be removed by a small operation. A new treatment for fibroadenomas involves removal of the lump through a suction needle leaving only a pin point scar. Fibroadenomas that increase in size or that appear in any way abnormal on the ultrasound scan or needle test should be removed for safety sake.

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