Breast Diagnostic Tests

Fine Needle Aspiration Cytology (FNAC)

Fine Needle Aspiration Cytology (FNAC) tests are performed by using a small, thin needle attached to a syringe to either obtain cells from a breast lesion or to draw fluid from a cyst.

This is performed by the consultant breast radiologist under ultrasound guidance to ensure that the needle is in the correct position. The test is very quick with no need for local anaesthetic and is usually no more uncomfortable than having a blood test. A small plaster will be put over the area at the end of the procedure.

You can return to your normal activities immediately after the test. The tissue and fluid samples collected are analysed in our labs and results are available within 48 hours. During our One Stop Breast Clinics, rapid analysis of these results can be performed for all women attending. This enables us to give you as accurate and complete diagnosis as possible by the end of your appointment.

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